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My 15 month old retriever is showing signs of aggressiveness towards other dogs in the park. What can I do and can I bring him to classes?

I have arthritis in my elbow and wrist. Is it okay for me to attend classes?

My 20 month old Lhasa Apso is in season. Can I still bring her to classes?

My 9 year old terrier has been diagnosed with arthritis. Can he still attend classes?

My dog eats the furniture when Iím out. What can I do?

My puppy keeps peeing indoors. What can I do?

As Christmas is coming, can my dog share my Christmas dinner?

My puppy gets car sick every time we go out. What can I do?

My dog barks every time someone goes past the house. Itís driving me mad!

When is the right time to get my dog neutered?

If you have a canine problem you would like some help with, ask the trainers at

N.B. The advice offered in the "Ask the Trainers" page is based upon the personal experience of our trainers, and uses generally accepted training techniques.† The club cannot be held responsible for any injury or distress caused by incorrect implementation of this advice.† If in doubt, please contact us for a one-to-one session with our animal behaviourist.

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