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Obedience Training at Laleham Dog Training Club

Obedience Training starts with Puppy classes, teaching basic commands and general good manners. They can then progress to the Kennel Club Good Citizen classes for dogs of any age.

The Kennel Club obedience classes go all the way from Bronze to Silver and finally Gold, getting steadily more challenging as the dog progresses through the awards. But the aim is always for well mannered, sociable dogs.

Quite an achievement!

Obedience Classes run most weekday evenings. Puppy, Bronze, Silver & Gold.  Eight week course costs only £50 (plus £10 annual membership of the Club for each handler 16 years or older) 

If your dog has a specific behavioural issue, eg biting, aggressiveness etc., please let us know and we may recommend one to one session(s) with our behaviourist prior to determining the most appropriate class for him or her.           

To find out more about the obedience training available at Laleham Dog Training Club, follow the links on the right or contact us to find out about course availability.
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