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Looking for some ad hoc training?  Don’t want to commit to an 8 week course but want to continue training with your dog? 

Each Thursday from 8.30 to 9.30 it is Happy Hour at LDTC.  Instead of drinks being half price, the class is half price, so for just £3 you can bring your dog along and join in the fun and positive training.  To provide variety we alternate between:

Rally,O - where dog and handler follow station boards around a set course (initially on lead, but aiming for off lead heelwork). Suitable for all dogs with a good temperament and good heelwork

CATS – Clicker & Target training School – where handlers teach their dogs to target specific items, or perform certain moves, tricks or routines using clicker training and target sticks – suitable for any age dog at any level of the Good Citizen Scheme.

Display Team – The Club has a Display Team, with new routines unveiled at the Fun Day in June and at the Christmas parties. Suitable for dogs with a good standard of obedience. All new enquiries to Becky Beauchamp

Heelwork to Music – where handlers can learn to teach their dogs some simple HTM moves such as leg weaves, twists, spins, jumps etc. Suitable for any dog with a good temperament and good standard of obedience.

Happy Hour is run on a Pay As You Go basis, no need to commit to a specific number of week – just turn up, pay your £3 and enjoy!
Happy Hour sessions are open to all club members whose dog has successfully completed the Good Citizens Bronze Award.

NB All dogs must be friendly and well socialised as a lot of work is off lead.

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