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When is the right time to get my dog neutered?

This is a question we get asked at least once a week and there really is no simple answer. 

  • If your adult dog has health or behavioural issues related to their hormones then the answer could well be as soon as possible. 
  • If you have no intention of breeding from your bitch, then it is generally recommended that you have her spayed after she has had her first season to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 
  • If your un-neutered dog has started humping everything in site and is uncontrollable then, again, it might be a case of sooner rather than later! 
In general we would suggest that all dogs are neutered, unless you are intending to show them or breed from them, which just leaves the question of timing.  You should definitely discuss this with your vet, but there does not seem to be any consensus of opinion in the veterinary community as to the best age to do it. 

Please remember that you cannot bring your bitch to training classes if she is in season.

The breeder of my puppy was kind enough to send through some links which outline some of the medical and behavioural issues related to neutering/not neutering.  As with any other major decision, the more you understand the pros and cons, the happier you will be with your decision so have a read and decide for yourself, bearing in mind the advice you have received from your vet.

We also have the following guide from the Kennel Club:

Is there a "best" time for neutering dogs or should we be neutering them at all?

In the end the choice you make has to be right for you, your dog, and your individual situation but remember that un-neutered dogs make unwanted puppies.

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