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My dog barks every time someone goes past the house. It’s driving me mad!

Your dog is being territorial and being a watchdog, alerting you to the fact that there may be danger approaching. He doesn’t realise it’s only the kids going to school, or the postman delivering the post etc. He just wants to let you know that there is someone out there who could be a potential threat.

The easiest way to stop incessant barking like this is to prevent him being able to see what’s going past! If he’s got access to a window, he will no doubt bark every time what he perceives as a threat, goes past. If you can’t prevent him from seeing out, then the next best thing is to accept that what he’s doing is warning you of a possible danger, thank him for doing so and then expect him to be quiet. So, armed with treats, the next time he barks at a van or cyclist etc, say “thank you”, signal him to be quiet and reward him if he shuts up. If you can get him to focus on you (and usually if he sees you’ve got a treat that will help him focus!) then as soon as he’s quiet, say thank you again and reward him and say good boy. The idea is to get him to associate “thank you” with the reward of a titbit and your praise.

You won’t always have a pocketful of treats, so accompanying the treat reward with the verbal reward is very important. Eventually, he will hopefully bark to let you know something is out there, you’ll acknowledge his watchdog skills with a thank you and then he’ll settle down knowing he’s done his duty and you’re aware of it.


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