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Choosing and Buying a Puppy

Choosing the right breed

Before buying a puppy there are a number of questions to ask yourself, including:

Pedigree or Crossbreed?

Puppy or Rescue?

Which Breed?

How much time will I have to spend with it?

How much will food, toys, VETs bills cost?

How much exercise will it need?

Fortunately the Kennel Club has put together an extensive guide to choosing the right breed for you, and finding a reputable breeder from which to buy your puppy.  Visit the Kennel Club Puppy Awareness Week pages for more information.

Many breeds have breed association websites which can give you more information on breed characteristics, finding a breeder, the effort involved in grooming etc.  Check these so you can get an idea of how that bundle of fluff will turn out!

Selecting a puppy

When you buy a puppy ensure that you ask the breeder:

Can I see the puppies with their mum?

How old are the puppies and when will they leave (they should be at least 7 weeks old to leave their mum)

Are they fully weaned?

How old is mum? (She should be at least a year old if the breeder is responsible)

How many litters has she had? (It is illegal to breed a bitch more than six times in her lifetime)

Have the puppies been wormed?

Have the puppies been vaccinated?

Does the puppy come with feeding advice?

Has the puppy been socialised?

Is the puppy Kennel Club registered?

Is there a contract of sale, and can I return the puppy if there are health problems or my circumstances change?  (Many breeders are happy to take back a puppy rather than see it go to a rescue)

Don't be surprised if the breeder has as many questions for you, particularly if the puppies are being reared in the home; good breeders want their puppies to live happy healthy lives.



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Choosing a puppy

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