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Safe and Sound with Dogs

The Kennel Club Safe and Sound Scheme promotes the safe interaction between children and dogs.  It focuses on teaching children how to behave safely around dogs. 

Play the Safety Factor Challenge Game at and get your personalised dog safety certificate.  

In the meantime, here are some things to remember whenever you are around dogs. 


However friendly a dog looks, always ask the owner first if you may touch it

Always leave resting, sleeping and tied up dogs alone

Keep calm around dogs

Never put your face near a dog 

Doggy Doís (and Donít's)!

How to say a safe and sound hello to dogs:

  • Ask the owner first before touching a dog
  • Approach the dog calmly
  • Put your hands by your side
  • Make a LOOSE fist with one hand
  • If necessary, bring your arm slowly towards the dog
  • Let the dog sniff the back of your hand Ė this tells the dog all about you
You can then gently stroke the dog under the chin

What to do if a dog jumps up and frightens you:

  • Stand still
  • Drop everything you are holding
  • Fold your arms across your chest
  • Tuck your chin in
  • Donít move
  • Donít scream
  • Donít run away
  • Donít move your arms
  • Donít stare
  • Act bored
You are now a tree!

When the dog moves away walk backwards very slowly, keeping your eye on the dog.  If it comes back, become a tree again.

What to do if a dog knocks you over:

If you have been knocked over by a dog and you are on the floor then Ö

  • Donít try to get up or make sudden noises
  • Let go of anything in your hands
  • Cover your face with your hands
  • Keep your elbows in
  • Roll onto your front
  • Keep your legs together
  • Pull your knees up to your chest
  • Tuck yourself up to be as tight as possible (protecting major parts of your body)
  • Keep still
You are now a stone!

Donít move until the dog has gone away.  After the dog has gone TELL AN ADULT.
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